24 Nov 2013


The pre-production process was an incredibly informative experience, but not without some unexpected delays and adversity. We appreciate all your feedback, and are totally committed to providing you with an outstanding fitness product. We know production is further out than originally communicated, but we are very close to the finish line, and you can rest assured that we won’t cut corners or sacrifice quality! 

Yesterday, we received the final sample units from the completed mold and it looks AWESOME. Sooooo, we are excited to say…we have finalized tooling and placed the final purchase orders for the production units!

With final quality control and operational improvements integrated into the production strategy, we are finally able to authorize creation of the final product; however, it has been a long road to get here. Several days ago, we received the final production units for accuracy authentication of the final samples, which resulted in a few minor tweaks and improvements to the mold and grip product (see photos of tool modification below!), as well as final texturing for the mold and adding a couple new checklist items to the official production Quality Control program. 

pushXpro Tool Modification
pushXpro Tool Modification

This week we received the latest version of the product and subjected it to procedural impact testing. Though our tooling costs are higher than we forecasted, the end result is a high-quality product built to be even better than originally designed. With guaranteed tolerances, defect checklists, and unit integrity to ensure accurate assembly and precise operation, the final Kickstarter manufacturing production run should be as seamless as possible. We have a wonderful working relationship with the manufacturer and couldn’t be more pleased to have partnered with them in this endeavor.

Therefore, we are expecting shipping to be initialized within the next few weeks. Depending on where you live, we expect you should receive the product within a few weeks after shipping is initialized. International backers please keep in mind that while we will take every necessary procedure to ease passage through customs, we ultimately have no control over how long that process takes. As always, if there are any delays, you will be the first to know. We will continue to keep you updated with photos and more as we progress.

Things are really coming together nicely and we are excited to open up production and start the fulfillment process!

Thank you again for supporting us.

Dan & the pushXpro Team

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