Training With Funk Roberts

Variation With Tom Kalka of Custom Fitness Concepts

Strength Training With Jesse Lee

Fitness Knows No Age

Review By Tapp Brothers

Review By Nick Nilsson

Basic Push-Up (No Rotation)

Leg Switch Twist Push-Up

Simulated One Arm Push-Up With Tuck

One Foot On Medicine Ball Push-Up

Feet On Fitness Ball Push-Up

Pike And Knee Tuck On Fitness Ball

Pike And Leg Extension On Fitness Ball

One Leg Up Push-Up

One Leg Up Switch Left/Right Push-Up

Leg Cross With "T" Push-Up

One Arm Suspension Push-Up With Tuck

Mountain Climber With Suspension

Neutral And Abduct Pike With Suspension

One Leg Run And Jump With Suspension

Knee Tuck and Abduct With Suspension Push-Up

One Arm Stabilize With Suspension

One Hand On Medicine Ball Push-Up

Mountain Climber

One Leg Knee Tuck And Twist With Suspension

Spiderman Push-Up