27 Jan 2014


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PushXPro Will Make You Hate Pushups Even More (And That’s A Good Thing) | inStash

Well, we missed it while it was on Kickstarter, but no worries. The PushXPro managed to break its $12,500 funding goal, and that means it’ll be shipping to doorsteps everywhere in March 2014. You can order a pair right now for just under $30. In return, the company will give you a new reason to hate the pushup with a product that targets muscle groups better than the average pushup, while allowing for better range of motion and rotation.

It’s lightweight, reminiscent of the heavy-hand (except not as heavy), and it can even reduce joint discomfort in the wrist, which often occurs the three times per year that I do pushups. If you’re a more faithful worker-outer, then these are a godsend.

Have you picked up your PushX3 starter pack yet?

Have you picked up your PushX3 starter pack yet?
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