01 May 2014


Here is the blog article featuring pushX3 “Fresh From A Successful Kickstarter Campaign, pushXpro is Now in Production”: http://bit.ly/1lYBJDG



Fresh from a successful Kickstarter Campaign (See www.clubindustry.com/pushxpro-announces-launch-website-and-kickstarter-campaign) – pushXpro is now in production.

When you want to get back in shape, nothing beats exercising with your own bodyweight – pushXpro is a clever product with a unique convex outer surface that increases the complexity and difficulty of performing push-ups

The design works by requiring the body to react to eccentric forces to keep the body balanced, and focuses on strengthening the upper body, arms, back, and core to provide unparalleled strengthening results, and ultimately improve your overall fitness when training without weights and machines.

pushXpro is now being used in several home and professional gyms across the country, and demand is soaring. As described by several fitness professionals, pushXpro is better than other single-plane rotation, clunky, expensive push-up tools!

“My clients get more out of their training with this innovative, minimalistic device designed to improve your push-ups”

– Michael Bazzel, Personal Trainer

“As a Martial Athlete and Yoga Instructor, core strength and balance is crucial – by using pushXpro in my daily routine, I can build strength, refine my balance, and retain my flexibility”

– Sensei Jeremy Corbell, President and Founder of Warrior Yoga and the Quantum Jujitsu Foundation.

“Incorporating pushXpro into my kickboxing and fitness classes at Undisputed delivers elevated intensity to those looking to step up their game”

– Brian Schwartz, Owner at Undisputed Boxing in San Carlos, CA

pushXpro is extremely effective for working the upper body and is way more focused and intense than a basic push-up exercise”

– Chris Carnecchia, Director at BodySmith Gym in Washington, DC

With Push X Pro you can improve more than just your push-ups: you can work almost your entire body with various exercises. This is a great piece of portable fitness equipment that is low-cost and easy to use.

The pushXpro website is now live here: http://pushxpro.com


Have you picked up your PushX3 starter pack yet?

Have you picked up your PushX3 starter pack yet?
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