18 Jun 2014


PushX3 mentioned in another sports science information article by Chris Churan M.S., ACSM-HFS, Exercise Physiologist, titled “The Exercise Professional’s New Tool”.


A PDF of the article is available here: http://www.pushxpro.com/pages/sports-science


Here is the Article in full below:


The Exercise Professional’s New Tool
Chris Churan M.S., ACSM-HFS
Exercise Physiologist


The pushXpro is a new product in the fitness market that is designed to increase shoulder range of motion during a pushup, increase core, small, and large muscle groups through stabilization, and increase overall upper body strength and endurance.  This tool increases the intensity of a pushup and isometric exercise, and provides a more efficient upper body workout than doing traditional pushups. This is a tool that everyone can utilize, especially personal trainers, physical therapists, and exercise physiologists. 


Many tools are available in the market for increasing fitness levels and making workouts enjoyable.  This product does all of this and is also an ideal tool for strengthening the core and stabilizer muscles without directly working the area.  This tool adds an additional component to benefit individuals with physical limitations (e.g., wrist, arm, and shoulder limitations) or those looking for a challenging new addition to their fitness routine – this device can be a part of every exercise physiologist’s exercise prescription.


By using pushXpro, my clients can slowly build small muscle group and stabilizer muscles to help in recovery – especially using the device with isometric exercise and holding poses, which can also be done on knees for beginners or those early in their recovery phase. An isometric contraction of a muscle generates force without changing length of the muscle; isometric contractions, in combination with the added dynamic stabilization this device offers, provides my clients the added benefit of strengthening and toning the core and stabilizer muscles – it is a multi-benefit product that works and conditions multiple joints for a more efficient workout.


As an exercise physiologist, I work very closely with individuals who have physical limitations.  Many of my clients have shoulder issues that limit their ability to perform a safe pushup, and as a result, the pushup exercise is not utilized.  As an exercise professional with a master’s degree in exercise and wellness, I cannot stress the importance of pushups in an exercise routine.  A pushup strengthens the upper body (pectorals, triceps, biceps, trapezius, and latissimus dorsi muscles) while creating additional benefits in the core muscles (abdominal, oblique, and lower back muscles).  By using pushXpro in a safe and controlled manner, these individuals with limitations can regain strength, balance, and flexibility.


The pushXpro is also a tool for individuals with wrist or hand limitations, since the design of the handle and the device does not allow for hyperextension of the wrist joint.  Too often my clients with wrist and hand issues communicate how painful a pushup is due to the added stress of the body on their hyperextended wrists.  The pushXpro is a suitable tool to utilize when working with individuals with hand and shoulder limitations. 


The pushXpro is lightweight, small, and versatile.  I provide in-home personal training for individuals and I appreciate products like pushXpro that deliver great results without weighing a ton, taking up too much space, or are overly complicated.


I work with many individuals looking to lose weight.  The pushXpro allows me incorporate various exercises for individuals looking to get more energy burning by providing a more intense and challenging workout.  Some of these exercises that can be incorporated at home include pushups, mountain climbers, ab rolling, yoga poses (including down dog, up dog, inversions, forward bends, warrior lunges, and yoga planks), planks, and hand stands, to name a few. 


With the vast exercises one could accomplish using the pushXpro, it is possible to meet the American College of Sports Medicine (ACSM) physical activity guidelines.  The ACSM exercise guidelines include 30 minutes per day, five days per week including two days of resistance training.  These guidelines provide a great foundation for overall health and fitness and incorporating this new exercise tool would benefit most individuals. 


The lightweight design of the pushXpro is ideal so that during cardiorespiratory exercise, an individual could carry the tool in the hands to perform intervals.  A possible cardiorespiratory interval workout could be prescribed as the following: 3 minutes running followed by 10 pushups or isometric planks using pushXpro for a total of 10 intervals.  This interval example would equate to 30 minutes of cardio with some resistance training added.  ACSM recommends resistance training on two different non-consecutive days during a week.  These resistance training exercises should include at least eight different exercises of the major muscle groups and should consist of challenging exercises to fatigue the muscles.  pushXpro easily offers eight different resistance-training exercises, which makes this tool ideal for meeting the ACSM physical activity guidelines. 


Prior to using the device, consult with a physician to ensure that exercise is safe and appropriate for your needs.  The pushXpro is not intended to treat or cure any diseases and should not replace the professional advice from a physician.



Chris Churan M.S., ACSM-HFS

Exercise Physiologist

Provider of In-Home Personal Training


Chris is an Exercise Physiologist and ACSM Health Fitness Specialist.  Chris acquired a master’s degree from Arizona State University and is now dedicated to educating the public about fitness as it pertains to health and fitness.  Chris has been a healthy lifestyle and weight loss educator and personal trainer in the greater Phoenix Metro community.




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