25 Jun 2014


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“pushXpro is a new and innovative device designed to enhance push-up and other exercises to deliver amazing results you can both see and feel! >>Each pushXpro set includes a free instructional pamphlet with important usage and safety guidelines and several suggested exercises!<< The wide variety of both big and small muscle groups engaged when using the devices helps build wrist, forearm, upper body, and core muscles through the action of the user continuously stabilizing their weight on the device.


The unique convex outer surface and highly versatile design increases the complexity and difficulty of performing push-ups by requiring the body to react to eccentric forces to keep the body balanced, and focuses on strengthening the upper body, arms, back, and core to provide unparalleled strengthening results. The design allows for the natural rotation of the user’s arms during the push-up, increases the range of motion, and reduces the load and stress upon the wrists and forearms by providing an ergonomic grip, providing additional versatility.


The Patent Pending design combines several different workout devices into one seamless product requiring the user to continuously stabilize, while using their body weight resistance. The workouts to incorporate into the devices are boundless. pushXpro can be easily used alone or integrated into fitness classes and non-traditional Yoga classes!”


Have you picked up your PushX3 starter pack yet?

Have you picked up your PushX3 starter pack yet?
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