16 Jul 2014


An excellent and very thorough review of pushX3 by Josh Houghton over at www.trustworthyfitness.com, tilted “pushXpro Review – Can It Change Push-up’s Forever?” – an excerpt is below:


It all makes sense to me now, why Dan Delisle left a 6 figure income career as an engineer in order to pursue his dreams with the pushXpro. Don’t let its simple design fool you. As soon as I got my fingers wrapped around a pair of them for the first time and starting doing some pushups, I knew that my workout regime was about to change for the better.

Let’s get down to the nitty gritty of this uncomplicated exercise device that seriously enhances the quality of your workout by also offering an abundance of versatility that strengthens your upper body, back, arms and core muscles. Basically, I’ll start off my pushXpro review off by saying this….


You’re going to workout anyway, so you might as well do it to your highest potential, sans the injury and pressure problems. You just aren’t achieving comparable results – or even experience when not using the pushXpro. 

The Problem with Push Ups

We’ve all been there before.  You start pumping out those pushups and well before your body has reached its exertion point, you need to stop because of the shooting pain and discomfort you feel in your hands, wrists or neck.

pushXpro review

Unfortunately, this is one of the most common problems with the traditional push up, and even with a flawless technique, you are bound to feel the buildup of pressure that is placed on those three body parts. The only way to deter this from recurring is to find a tool that takes the strain off of your wrists.

Luckily, you don’t have to find it because Dan Delisle already did which is how the pushXpro product came about in the first place.

Who Is Dan Delisle, The Man Behind pushXpro Creator

You may be wondering why anyone would leave a career that provides a 6 figure income to pursue some patented idea that could have been a hit or miss.

For starts, money doesn’t buy happiness, but the main reason was that Dan Delisle knew that his fitness product would reinvent the pushup and the way in which we can utilize our body weight to our benefit sans the shooting pain and pressure problems.

Dan Delisle pusXpro

His wife encouraged him to follow his intuition and here we are. I guess you can say his gut feeling was right because the product results have far exceeded his predictions.

Dan Delisle is now an ex-engineer turned entrepreneur which is quickly leading him to be a fitness expert with one of the highest sought after products. This is all due to his knowledge and understanding of what the industry needs to further improve results.

What Is The pushXpro

It’s an innovative fitness tool that allows you to push like a pro… Clearly. Jokes aside, the name does read exactly what the product is but I’ll get a little more technical for those of you who are looking for a bit more substance. Do not be fooled because the pushXpro isn’t just like an ordinary push up bar.

pushXpro review

Several years were invested into ensuring that the push up bars were affordable, lightweight, compact and more importantly, effective and efficient. It can be incorporated into other workout regimes that you’re partaking in, or you can use them on your own and reap just as amazing benefits.

How Does pushXpro Work

The unique rounded base of the pushXpro allows your body to properly become stabilized to ensure that an abundance of pressure isn’t placed solely on one spot – your wrists.

It spreads the pressure across and throughout the product, allowing it to absorb the strain and leave you with the strength.  As a result, the complexity and difficulty of your push up performance is increased.


In addition to relieving the stress placed on your body with traditional pushups, the pushXpro has been specifically designed to enhance your strength building which ultimately results in better results.


This is done by allowing your body to have better rotation, an increase in motion and a variety of new ways to hit different targeted areas.

So, the product doesn’t only work for your arms. It also thoroughly strengthens and shapes your wrist, forearm, upper body, and core muscles – giving you one hell of a full body workout. Here’s a video of pushXpro in action. It shows a number of basic and advanced variations:


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My Personal Experience With pushXpro

Although I have been using the pushXpro for 2 months now, it definitely didn’t take this long to notice the change and improvement of my exercise regime and results. It instantly made a huge difference in my ability to do push ups, which have never been my strong point,  as well as other similar exercises.

It’s funny though because when they arrived and I took them out of the box I was like, “This is it? Just these two little items are going to change the way I’ve done pushups forever?” I ate my words pretty quickly.

The design of pushXpro is so simple and with difficult, complex and way-too-many special feature exercise equipment out there, I was shocked to discover that such a minimalistic design could be so effective.

As mentioned, pushups have never been my forte because I work at a desk, and well my wrists and hands have truly paid the price. Pushups were out of the question for my exercise regime because the pain was unbearable. So, I bite my lip as I wrapped my hands around the pushXpro and prepared for pain but instead, I cranked out more pushups than I ever succeeded before.

Then, when I really got a feeling for the product, I was able to push out 50 pushups sans any discomfort. (This is when I really ate my words). The only ‘pain’ I was feeling was the burn, baby! I might be a tad addicted and my body, but more specifically, my arms are starting to look as great as they did in my youth.

The best part is definitely the motivation that it gave me to continue. It gives you the ability to pump out more reps which encourages you to keep going, and going hard. So, those two little items definitely did change the way I’ll do pushups forever.

The Features

As mentioned, there aren’t any knick knacks that come attached to the pushXpro. It’s a straightforward product that works. I know, I know – you don’t come across those too often nowadays. Although you can’t plug your iPhone into it and have music play out of the curved base while it sprits water, wipes your sweat and shoots a sports drink into your mouth, I assure you the simplicity is worth it.

There are some features that you can expect with the pushXpro though. One of my personal favorites is the versatility within your pushups and your entire exercise regime. Traditional push ups, side pushups, exercise ball techniques, side planks, burpees – whatever you want can be done sans the wrist pain.

Here is a cool infograph that shows a ton of exercises which can be done with pushXpro. It’s pretty long and in-depth, but I think you’ll be surprised at how many different exercises pushXpro can be used for.

pushXpro review

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They can also be incorporated into all styles of fitness classes such as, yoga classes, weight training, bootcamps, jogging etc. The product is also compact enough to easily be taken to such fitness classes or even on travel.

How It Can Help You

If you are like I once was – unable to do push ups due to pain and/or discomfort, then it is obviously how the pushXpro will help you because you’ll finally be able to do them and get your arms and body shaped to your desires.

However, even those of you who can pound out 100 at the drop of a hat will reap the benefits of this product because eventually, traditional push ups and similar exercises will catch up to you, and you will start to experience the discomfort and pain shooting from your wrists, down your neck or in your hands.

So, the pushXpro doesn’t only treat injury but it also prevents it all the while working your entire body out to its fullest potential. Its similar to this concept; would you do 50 knee pushups if you can easily do 50 regular ones? Probably not because you wouldn’t receive comparable results. It’s the same idea; would you do traditional pushups or do them with pushXpro. Enough said, right?

pushXpro review

With each set, you also receive a free instructional pamphlet which guides you through the importance of proper usage, techniques and safety guidelines. You also get suggested pushXpro exercises. Obviously those are just added bonuses because the real dime is in those two little curved push up bars that changed the fitness industry as we know it.

My pushXpro Review Conclusion

I got to admit I didn’t know what to think when I first used pushXpro, but after using it I love it! It’s such a simple product and that’s the great part of it. It’s small and I can take it with me when I travel. It doesn’t have to be complicated to just work.

It took a lot of guts for Dan to create something like this because he had no way of knowing if it would ever catch on, but pushXpro is becoming popular pretty fast. Here’s just a small look at some of the sites talking about pushXpro:

pushXpro review

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I personally recommend this product for many reasons; it works, it enhances your workout, it prevents pain and injury, it rejuvenates your exercise, it encourages versatile, it widens your range and it’s affordable. I could go on but I highly suggest that you try it out for yourself.

There are one too many products out there that cost more than what they’re worth, or are just some weird tool that you’ll never use. This isn’t one of them. Like I said earlier, if you’re going to do pushups or similar exercises, you might as well do it to the best of your ability, right? I hope you enjoyed my pushXpro review and found it useful. You can learn more about it or purchase it from the official website HERE.

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