30 Jul 2014


pushX3 mentioned as “smart equipment” recently on the Moose Is Loose fitness blog http://www.daimanuel.com/2014/07/30/4-tips-to-make-the-most-of-your-crossfit-workouts/ – an excerpt is below:


4 Tips to Make the Most of Your CrossFit workouts

CrossFit training is a very demanding form of workout to be doing and by going in ready and using a few key tips, you can make sure you see the best results possible.

1. Choose Your CrossFit Gym Wisely

First, realize that not all CrossFit gym are going to be the same. Make sure you do a few trial sessions at a couple of gyms so that you can find one that you are most comfortable in.

Community is one of the MOST important factors in choosing a CrossFit box…

If it’s not a place you want to call home, keep looking. It’s so imperative that you are as comfortable as possible every day in your workouts.

You’ll also want to make sure that you get along with others who frequent the gym as well as part of the CrossFit experience is having the group support this sport provides.

2. Use Smart Equipment

PushXPro are just one example of cool and innovative products that add variety to your workouts.

Next, make sure you’re also using proper workout equipment as well. For instance, rather than doing regular style push-ups, do your push-ups on apushXpro. It’ll challenge your muscles to a larger degree and help keep you seeing optimal results.

Likewise, rather than doing regular body-weight squats, consider standing on a BOSU ball as you do them. This will help intensify the balance and stability conditioning that exercise supplies.

By making small changes to your normal CrossFit exercises, you can reap double the rewards.

3. Fuel Up Before The Session

It’s also vital that you are fueling up well before each session. If you aren’t eating before and giving your body the nutrients it needs to complete the session, you’re going to be in for less than optimal performance.

Always make sure to take in a quality source of protein before each session along with some healthy carbohydrate. A banana or sweet potato combined with lean chicken, fish, or turkey is a perfect pre-workout meal.

4. Monitor Your Recovery

Finally, make sure that you are also monitoring your recovery as you go about your CrossFit workouts. Because these sessions are so intense, if you are not tending to your recovery, you could wind up over-trained in a very short period of time.

You should always have at least one day off from exercise entirely, preferably two for most people.

Don’t be afraid to do a few lower intensity workouts during the week to balance out the higher intensity days as well. This will help provide a more well-rounded program that keeps you coming back for more.

So there you have 4 quick tips to know and remember to maximize your CrossFit workouts. It’s a great activity to be involved in and if you work hard, you should see tremendous improvements to both your fitness level as well as your physique.

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Have you picked up your PushX3 starter pack yet?
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