05 Sep 2014


pushX3 featured by Tyler Bramlett on the Garage Warrior website in an article titled, “6 Essential Bodyweight Exercises” check it out here:



Here is the excerpt below:


Are you looking to ramp up your workout program’s intensity? Do you want to see even better fitness improvements in terms of both strength as well as balance and stability? If this is you, make sure you don’t overlook the power of bodyweight exercises!

Far too many men and women constantly gravitate to weight training exercises, as they believe that lifting weight is a must for results. But remember, your body is a weight as well. Lifting it using unique movement patterns can provide just as many benefits as any bench press or leg press would.

That’s why today I decided to post the 6 ESSENTIAL bodyweight exercises that everyone should try at least once…

ESSENTIAL Bodyweigh Exercise #1


Tyler Burpee

If you want a full body workout, burpees will deliver time and time again. The great thing about these is that not only will they really work on improving your cardiovascular level, but they’ll also boost your strength as well. Use them between sets as a cardio interval break and watch how fast you torch body fat. Plus you can make em WAY harder by using the tool I’ll share with you below in ESSENTIAL exercise #3!

ESSENTIAL Bodyweigh Exercise #2

Tyler Tuck Jump


Tuck jumps are another key move for improving cardio conditioning as well as plyometric rebounding strength. Since you’ll be tucking your legs up into your chest, you’ll also see excellent core muscle gains as well. Remember to tuck up as high as possible in order to fully work the abs as you intend.

ESSENTIAL Bodyweigh Exercise #3


Tyler Pushup

Push-ups are a classic standby that are wonderful for boosting chest, tricep and ab strength. One of my favorite ways to do this is while using a tool sent to me by my buddy Dan called the pushXpro which forces optimal muscle activation in not only the chest, but the shoulders, triceps, biceps, and core muscles as well. With so many push-up variations that you can do, you’ll never get bored with this exercise.

Tyler Pullup

ESSENTIAL Bodyweigh Exercise #4


To counterbalance the strength you get from the push-up, add pull-ups to add strength to the back of the body. Pull-ups are another classic standby move that will help you see increases in strength in the biceps and lats. They’ll help to boost your back thickness, so if that’s a goal, pull-ups are a terrific option. Include all sorts of grip widths to hit all regions of the back properly.

ESSENTIAL Bodyweight Exercise #5


Tyler Mountain ClimberMountain climbers are next up on the list. This is another good cardio move for doing between sets that will hit the core as well as the shoulders, hip flexors, and the glutes and hamstrings as well. They’ll help you torch calories quickly, creating a very effective fat burning protocol. These are also made WAY harder when doing them on the pushXpro!

ESSENTIAL Bodyweigh Exercise #6


Tyler Jump Squat

Finally, don’t overlook jump squats. This exercise is ideal for building up lower body power and speed since you’ll be rebounding up off the floor as high as you can. When doing this exercise, make sure you do squat all the way down to the ground between jumps in order to fully work the quads, hamstrings, and glutes. As you land on the ground after the rebound, also make sure your knees move over the toes in order to avoid knee pain down the road.

So there you have 6 ESSENTIAL Bodyweight Exercises you should add into your workout program. Please like andshare this article with your friends if you enjoyed it. Also, what are your essential bodyweight exercises?

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