15 Sep 2014


pushXpro was featured on the fitness website www.fitstep.com in an article titled, “5 Exercises For Men To Get a Ripped Upper Body And Abs” – check it out here: http://www.fitstep.com/fat-loss/articles/5-exercises-for-ripped-upper-body-and-abs.htm. The excerpt is below!


If you’re a man looking to get as lean and ripped up as possible, you need to be choosing your exercises carefully.

Not all exercises will offer the same benefits in terms of getting you and keeping you as lean as you’d like.

Choose incorrectly and you could have a long battle ahead.

That said, here are the five best exercises that every man should start including in his workout to really chisel his body and gain maximum muscle definition.


Push-ups lead the list as one of the best upper body movements to do. Make sure you are doing them properly though, preferably with the help of the pushXpro, which will ensure each muscle gets hit exactly as it should.

It’ll boost the challenge your muscles face as well, allowing you to see results that much faster.

In addition to hitting the chest, shoulders, and triceps, this is also an excellent move for working the core muscles as well.


To balance out your push-ups, make sure you get the pull-ups in as well. This is an excellent exercise for boosting back thickness and for chiseling out those biceps as well.

Include multiple variations in your workout program for best results – close grip pull-ups, wide grip pull-ups, reverse grip pull-ups, and behind the neck pull-ups.

Shoulder Press

You’ve hit chest as well as back, so now you need an exercise to hit the shoulders. Nothing is better than the shoulder press.

This exercise is a compound movement, so it’ll help improve your triceps strength as well, while hitting both the front and lateral head of the deltoid muscle.

Make sure when doing it that you don’t lock your elbows overhead however to avoid developing pain in the joints.


Always thought of the deadlift as a lower body movement? Think again. A regular style deadlift will really hit the upper body as well, particularly in the trap and shoulder region. Hoisting up that heavy weight bar is going to be something that will tax every muscle group in your body, while also burning up calories quickly.

This exercise is ideal for optimal fat burning due to the metabolic increase you’ll see once it’s finished. Do the exercise and you’ll easily burn fat faster for up to 48 hours.

Hanging Leg Raises

Finally, since you’ll also want to do an abs-specific exercise to really make that six-pack pop, go for hanging leg raises. Bonus points if you can move your legs in a ‘clock’ fashion, going around in a circle like the hands of a clock would do.

This will hit the rectus abdominals as well as the obliques, giving you a very complete and intense core workout.

So keep these exercises in mind if you want to form a dramatic upper body transformation. By doing all of these, you’ll not only see fantastic gains in strength, but also see that fat coming off in no time.


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