30 Sep 2014


pushX3 mentioned as recommended fitness tool for advanced bodyweight exercise variations by Tee Major (Tee Major Fitness) in an article titled, “3 Keys to an Effective Fat Burning Bodyweight Workout” and can be seen here: 


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3 Keys To An Effective Fat Burning Bodyweight Workout

Looking to burn up excess body fat but don’t have access to a gym or any sort of fitness equipment? Not to worry – with the right techniques in place, you can still create a workout program that will not only help you get leaner, but also help you get into the best possible shape of your life. 

Let’s walk you through the key points to know about how to design your very own fat burning workout session. 

  1. Keep Rest Breaks Short 

First, part of making sure your workout is burning fat as effectively as possible is making sure that you are keeping your heart rate up. This means more total calories are going to be expended not only during the workout session, but for hours after as well. 

This in turn also increases your overall fitness level, and your ability to exercise through fatigue will also be enhanced. 

Aim to keep your rest periods during your workout to around 30 seconds or less. Don’t let too short of rest cause you to sacrifice proper form, but never let your rest periods drag on either. 

  1. Superset With Aerobic Moves 

Next, as you go about doing your regular bodyweight strengthening exercises, you’ll also want to make sure that you superset those with aerobic moves as well. 

For instance, doing a set of push-ups and then moving directly to a burpee will help you see enhanced fat burning compared to doing a set of push-ups, resting, and then dong a second set of push-ups. 

The aerobic moves in between the strength moves add a cardio element to the routine, balancing out your workout session. 

Good aerobic moves to consider include jump squats, lunge jumps, burpees, mountain climbers, running on the spot, and jumping jacks. 

  1. Utilize Advanced Bodyweight Exercise Variations 

Finally, as you consider which bodyweight strength training exercises to integrate into the workout routine, make sure that you think about what advanced variations you can do. 

For instance, rather than regular style push-ups, do push-ups using a pushXpro, or try one of these 19 variations. This will increase the total amount of stabilizer muscle recruitment you experience, seeing faster results due to this fact. 

Likewise, consider doing single leg squats rather than double leg squats or do pull-ups from various hand grip positions. 

The more variety you can also include in your workout program, the better the chances that your body will keep responding, growing stronger and more fit. 

Not to mention that more variety also helps to keep your boredom level down, ensuring that you stick with the workout over time. 

So keep these points in mind as you aim to develop your very own bodyweight, fat burning workout session.  If you perform it correctly, doing it three to four times per week, you will be seeing results in just a few short weeks.

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