10 Oct 2014


pushXpro mentioned again by Tee Major Fitness as recommended tool in article titled “4 Advanced Variations Of Bodyweight Movements” see excerpt below:


4 Advanced Variations Of Bodyweight Movements


Looking to form a challenging bodyweight workout? If so, you must consider some of the ways that you can advance the most commonly performed bodyweight movements. 

Many people get stuck in a rut with their bodyweight exercises because they simply add more and more reps, without changing anything else.  This leads to stagnant results. Sure, you may boost your muscular endurance a little since you are now doing 30 reps rather than 20, but are you really challenging yourself? 

Get ready for a change – do these four advanced variations of bodyweight exercises and you can take your fitness to the next level. 

Single Leg Squats (Pistol Squats) 

The first exercise on the to-do list for greater strength is the single leg squat.  This exercise will not only work your quads, hamstrings, and glutes to a more significant degree, it’ll also test your balance and agility as well. 

This means greater core development and a stronger spinal column. Balance on a single leg, with the opposite leg extended out in front of you.  Go all the way down (ass to grass), pause, and then press all the way back up. TIP: engage the core.  This is where the stabilization will come.  You can also elevate the heel on the down leg if you lack mobility in your ankles.

Push-Ups On The PushXPro 

Next, transition your standard push-up to performing them using the pushXpro. This simple device will totally transform your usual style push-up exercise into one that not only works the chest, shoulders, triceps, and biceps, but also really integrates the core and stabilization muscles as well. 

This device allows you to freely rotate the hands to the position that’s most comfortable for your own body as well, reducing the amount of strain you potentially feel in your shoulder and elbow joint. 

Dips With Feet Elevated 

Tricep dips can be an excellent way to work the back of the arms, so to take this one up a step higher, try them with the feet elevated on a bench in front of you. 

This again reduces your base of support and will also force your triceps to press more weight upwards, increasing the total strength gains you experience. 

Pulse Lunge 

Apart from squats, lunges are perhaps one of the best exercises to do for your lower body and will go a long way towards making sure that you strengthen your glutes, hamstrings, quads, and core. 

Rather than doing a standard lunge however, which can get quickly get relatively easy, try pulsing at the bottom. 

Lower yourself down and then come halfway up to the top of the movement. Pause, and then lower down once more.  Next, come all the way up to complete the rep. 

Doing the lunges in this manner is going to increase the total time under tension of each muscle being utilized, thus improving your strength gains. 

Make sure as you do each lunge, you also think of leaning back every so slightly. This will place more of the focus on the glute muscle as opposed to the quad, allowing you to experience excellent strength gains there. 

So give these exercise variations a try during your next workout. They’re a great way to help you take your development up a notch.

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