15 Jan 2015


pushXpro featured in the article titled, “ENHANCE YOUR PUSHUP WORKOUTS WITH PUSHXPRO” on the popular website “Inventorspot.com” – check out the article here: http://inventorspot.com/articles/enhance-your-pushup-workouts-pushxpro

An excerpt is below:

If you’re looking to start a workout program or are searching for ways to spice up your current program, the pushXpro may be a piece of workout equipment worth looking into. pushXpro is a new tool that takes the push-up to the next level and is ideal for those who workout at home.

The pushXpro is a simple device that can make your workouts tougher. It’s basically a set of handles with convex bottoms. The rounded bottom on the handles make for an unsteady base in exercises like the push-up. Using the pushXpro, you have to stabalize yourself while performing the movements of an exercise. This means you recruit more stabilizer muscles and have to engage your core to a higher degree.

Exercising With pushXpro

The pushXpro was designed to revolutionize the push-up (by making it harder and so more beneficial), but you can also use it in isometric positions, like Yoga poses. It also reduces stress placed on the wrists and allows for rotation of the hands, wrists and forearms during exercises, which of course adds to difficulty. 

In addition to revolutionizing the push-up and being a great tool for core and stabilizer muscle training, the pushXpro can be used to do dips, flyes, mountain climbers and many other exercises (check out the videos below). This is a simple, yet effective tool for in home training or spicing up your workout. 

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Have you picked up your PushX3 starter pack yet?
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