21 Feb 2017


PushX3 is now available for purchase on TouchOfModern.com February 20 through February 26 at https://www.touchofmodern.com/sales/pushx3

Sale only lasts 5 days!!

Touch of Modern is about extraordinary design, the things you don’t find every day.

Go check them out and peruse their offerings and great store credit promotions!

Check it out at the link above!

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In fitness right now, there is a generational leap forward, where variation, balance, and unorthodox training reign supreme. This is why PushX3® has spent several years on design, field trials, patents and intellectual property, prototyping, strength testing, and talking to manufacturers and distributers to bring you something does all of that and more. Used by fitness professionals and in home gyms around the world, the response to the PushX3 has been outstanding. 




Have you picked up your PushX3 starter pack yet?



Have you picked up your PushX3 starter pack yet?
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