03 Jan 2017


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Also check out their popular fitness book, 7 Weeks to 100 Pushups!

Exercise & Fitness Equipment

A selection of products that will enhance your Hundred Pushups experience.

Perfect Pushup Elite

The next generation product that takes the classic pushup to the next level. The Pushup Elite maximizes strength building while helping to reduce joint strain.

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Speed Abs Complete Ab Workout System

Speed Abs by Iron Gym is the only ab machine that provides superior resistance (as you roll out) and assistance (as you roll in).

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Padded Grip Push-Up Bars

Deluxe oversized padded grip push up bars. Non-skid feet for security. Excellent workout for chest. Great for triceps and shoulder muscles.

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PushX3 is a highly versatile pushup handle exercise device that focuses on strengthening the upper body & core muscles using eccentric and stability forces.

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